Power Projects


Swaziland consumes 200MW of base load electricity.  The project will provide 200MW to the Swaziland Electricity Corporation at a proposed rate, where the additional capacity will be provided for export of power to neighbouring countries through back to back agreements via the Southern African Power Pool.


The Synchrona Waste Management Zanzibar Project will be providing up to 21 Megawatts per hour of electricity (24/7) from a 500 ton per day waste to energy plant and up to 200 Megawatts per hour of electricity (24/7) from a natural gas power plant at a competitive price to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. Both plants will be located in the Fumba Free Zone, 14 km South of Stone Town, Zanzibar.


The study was concluded for the provision of a total of 2 GW of base load electricity capacity to the National Grid from local industrial zones in Tanzania.


The study was performed for Synchrona Waste Management Mbeya who would be providing at least 10 Megawatts per hour of electricity (24/7) at a competitive price to TANESCO from a 300 ton per day Waste to Energy plant coupled with a Carbon Capture & Neutralization plant located at the landfill site in Mbeya, Tanzania.


The project is designed to alleviate the mounting pressures of increased waste generation in New Delhi that has become an environmental hazard, while producing energy from a 170 ton per day Waste to Energy plant. The pilot plant will demonstrate the capabilities of a proven technology and extend into contracts for over 2,000 tons of waste per day.


The project would provide Jamaica Energy Partners with an investment opportunity that yields an IRR of 20% or greater over a ten year period by selling electricity to the Jamaica Public Service Company, while providing the steam requirements for industry as the by-product of the power generation.


The complete feasibility study and design engineering was concluded for a 250MW power barge, using a combined cycle power plant consisting of 4 X GE LM6000’s with HRSG. The power barge design was performed by third party engineering firms in the USA while the supporting infrastructure localy was concluded by Volco Power’s team of engineers.


The feasibility study was conducted to assess the viability of a complete waste management process using internationally proven technologies. The study included the use of transfer stations, waste collection and logistics of waste to increase volumes for a Waste to Energy plant that would process 400 tons of waste per day.

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