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VIRGINIA-CARBON CAPTURE                                             Technical Feasibility Study & Project Development




Virginia, USA

Carbon Capture

96,000 Tons per year

The technical feasibility study was concluded to provide the designs of a Carbon Capture technology that would eliminate the mounting pressures of job losses as a consequence to power plant closures in the State of Virginia. The project consists of a Carbon Capture & Neutralization plant in Piney River, Virginia that would neutralize CO2 Emissions produced by power plants in the State of Virginia and in turn produce saleable mineral products to make the project profitable.

The CCN Consortium Virginia had been established to own, operate, maintain and oversee the commissioning of a commercial demonstration plant that would neutralize 96 000 tons per year of CO2 using an international patented technology from Finland. The carbon capture & neutralization plant was designed at addressing the critical problem areas of reducing Carbon emissions produced by power plants, while aiding in job security, industrial and economic growth for the State and Country.

The study consisted of extracting 96 000 tons per year of CO2 emissions from the exhaust stack at the the local power plant in King George, Virginia, and the CO2 would then be compressed and transported to the CCN plant to be located at a nearby quarry for neutralization.

The economic objective was to sustain the operations in this region, presently seriously threatened by the need to reduce carbon emissions, by providing a solution that neutralizes CO2 emissions, with corresponding impact on sustaining electricity pricing, employment and income generation in the region.

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