Feasibility Studies – Power


Services Include:

  • Background and Necessity of the Project
  • Basic Policy of Project Scope
  • Conceptual Design of Specifications of main equipment
  • Overview of Project Plan
    • Project Scope
    • Project Cost Estimate
  • Outline of Preliminary Financial and Economic Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Environmental and Social Impacts
    • Confirmation of the environmental and social status of the project site
    • Natural environment
    • Environmental status
    • Social environment
    • Comparison and examination of the environmental impact prediction and assessment and the alternatives
    • Air quality
    • Water quality (Thermal effluent)
    • Noise Consideration of mitigation measures (including avoidance, minimization and substitute)
    • Atmosphere
    • Waste management
    • Greenhouse gas (CO2)- facility operation (exhaust gas)
  • Project Implementation Schedule
  • Enhancement and rationalization of energy utilization
  • Power Demand Outlook
  • Analysis of the problems at examination and determination of the contents of the project
  • Technical aspect
  • Financial and Economic Evaluation
    • Project Cost Estimation
    • Construction Cost (Engineering, Procurement and Construction: EPC)
    • Preliminary Financial and Economic Analysis
    • Framework of the Analysis
  • Power generation method selection
  • Composition of the power plant and specifications
  • Generated electricity delivery facilities
  • Risk Assessment

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