Meet the Team

Meet the Volco Power Team



Lebo is a dynamic entrepreneur with a BSc degree in Civil Engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Civil Engineering (GDE) and majoring in Project Management, Property Law, Business Management and Geotechnical Engineering. Lebo is a risk-taker and a visionary, leading the team with integrity and purpose.



Seth is an experienced Project Developer with over 12 years’ experience in energy related projects internationally, with a keen focus on natural gas supply & power solutions. Innovatively insightful, his enterprising ideas and ventures have led to some ground-breaking first-of-its-kind projects in the energy industry throughout Southern Africa. 


Lead Project Manager 

Dale is a self-motivated, team-leader with strong self-discipline and leadership capacity. Adaptable, sharp and flexible with admirable problem-solving abilities, commendable planning, organizational and monitoring skills.  He has over 20 years of project management and project development experience in natural gas and power projects throughout the African continent.


Head of Business Development

Michael has a well-fortified discernment of the development of client relations, having had over 20 years experience in building solid relationships in the industry. His keen understanding of client satisfaction and his sensitivity to the clients needs has stood him in good stead with his exceptional business development skills making him an appreciated asset to the company.


Naval Architect & Design Engineer

Steven has a widespread understanding of the manufacture and export of Natural Gas storage and transportation systems, including CNG, LNG and Propane having worked in the downstream Oil & Gas field for some 37 years.  Involved in the LNG / CNG debate through many studies, having considerable exposure to all technologies related to Natural Gas. Steven has a strong engineering design background, experience in construction sites, design engineering as well as shipyards and design offices. 


Advanced Chemical Engineer 

Skip has Bachelor of Science and Engineering Sciences degrees from the University of Richmond and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) from the University of Florida.  Skilled with extensive experience in environmental energy, energy production, natural gas processing, LNG supply & delivery and power generation, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and 35 years experience in natural gas and power generation project implementation.

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Chemical Engineer & Project Developer 

Adrian is a highly flexible provider of engineering solutions, incorporating plant and systems from the most advanced equipment and service providers in the world. An independent specialist who leverages over 40 years of experience with core capabilities to develop natural gas and power generation projects internationally with a deep understanding of local conditions, standards and regulations in the various areas of operation. 


Manager:  Business Development 

Wilson has a certificate in Marketing and Sales Management from the London Chamber of Commerce as well as a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  His forte lies in development of tactical business development strategies and the implementation of sound and mechanical approaches thereof.

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Operations Manager:

LNG Regasification Facilities &

Natural Gas Power Plants

Bob has a masters degree of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Ocean Engineering.  He provides end to end solutions and support services to the natural gas industry in all aspects of the business, including gas production facilities, transportation, re-gasification plants and storage of LNG & CNG. Additionally, he provides Operations & Maintenance to Power Plant projects utilizing hydrocarbon fuels such as Natural Gas, Coal, Diesel and HFO.


Administration Officer

With over 20 years of administration experience Lezzet ensures an efficient and streamlined operational office environment in which personnel can focus on their field of expertise within the company while the general administration of day to day workplace management is efficiently overseen.

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