Natural Gas Projects


The International Power Consortium South Africa (Pty) Ltd (”IPCSA”) with Saldanha Steel (ArcelorMittal South Africa “AMSA”) being the primary off-taker has been developing a 1500MW natural gas-fired power plant to the east of the existing steel manufacturing facility in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape.


As a result of the IPCSA power project, Volco Power has engaged in lengthy discussions with local industry within the Saldanha region, spanning from Saldanha Bay North to ward Namibia. Currently Industry within the Western Cape of South Africa are constrained by high priced diesel, LPG, Paraffin and HFO for firing in boilers and other industrial usage.


Volco Power has developed a proposition for the downstream supply of LNG for industrial use within South Africa. The downstream target market is primarily the stranded market, where pipeline gas is not accessible. Volco Power is working several Industries within the Cape Town area with the need to convert their existing fuel consumption to natural gas, providing that the pricing over a long-term period is competitive to their current fuel supply.


The Gas supply is in support of a 50MW power project in East Africa. The Electricity Project will require 3.5Mill MMBTU of natural gas in year one with a growth rate as follows as power consumption for the area increases at a minimum growth rate of 5.6% per year:

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