Project Development and Consulting - Natural Gas and Power

Services Include:

  • To find and develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to the energy challenges facing each specific country and location (Specific projects – Transaction Advisory role - define, assess and initiate business opportunities. Overall development of new opportunities and providing direction and strategy throughout the project life cycle)
  • Research and Development of Liquefied Natural Gas Sourcing and Delivery.
  • Extensive assessment/evaluation of technologies that would fit conditions in the specific region.
  • Negotiating with Industrial clients, Government agencies and Utility companies for exclusive rights to supply electricity and/or natural gas as an alternate fuel source.
  • Researching and identifying innovative integrated gas supply solutions initiating from extensive demand-side market and costing research.
  • Researching and identifying potential projects by understanding potential client requirements, their financial capability and initiating desktop studies incorporating technology-related inputs, input costs and financial modelling
  • Engaging in main equipment supply contract negotiations, business proposals and plans.
  • Extensive direct and first-hand involvement with licensing and permitting authorities involving government departments
  • Direct involvement with EIA studies and understanding specific EIA requirements pertinent to the proposed site area and project technology.
  • Liaise with potential investors, and financing institutions, leading investment proposal, presentations and discussions. 
  • Developing and sustaining relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Negotiating terms of Supply contracts (PPA’s and GSA’s)
  • Transaction Advisory and Management Consulting
  • Incubation and structuring of Projects
  • Management, Business, Strategy and Project Consulting
  • Securing cost-effective fuel supplies and power plant equipment
  • Off-loading, regasifying, on land Storage and pipeline infrastructure
  • In-land transportation of LNG and CNG
  • The design and development of imbedded power generation as a consequence to down-stream LNG supply.
  • Detailed financial and Investment models
  • Developing and sustaining relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Negotiating terms of Supply contracts (PPA’s and GSA’s)
  • Consulting on the full LNG value chain from source to final delivery.
  • Understanding of international gas market trends and analysis of international oil & gas commodity pricing along with the transport thereof.
  • Understanding of the thermodynamic and combustion technology of various thermal power processes, combustion emission calculations, fluid mechanics, and heat generation from waste processing.
  • The relevance of staged financial modelling, cost of capital, discounted cash flow, relating to process optimization and long term operations and the comparative evaluation of the various design and equipment needed for fuel supply options.
  • The classical procedures and process sequence involved in project development. This includes an understanding of fuel and technology market trends, technology obsolescence, and important basics of the overlapping Balance of Plant operations for Gas & Power that are most often the cause of plant malfunction.
  • Exposure to Gas Sales Agreements and Power Purchase arrangements.
  • Understanding power plant configurations most suited for each situation
  • Gas turbine sourcing internationally
  • Modelling of Gas & Power pricing mechanisms and formulating of suitable tariff structures that enable correct financial modelling for evaluating go, no go decisions for project development
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